• Hike the 19 trails of Buila-Vânturarița, one of the less known but most beautiful National Parks in the country with virgin forests, spectacular views, caves, isolated monasteries and untouched biodiversity
  • Enjoy Mrs Cucu’s amazing traditional cooking
  • Taste hot pepper gem and other foods specific to the area
  • Visit the nearby Horezu Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage sight
  • Roam through the local pottery fare at Horezu, the most famous in the country
  • Take part in seasonal field works and local customs:  Calendar of activities


Nearby attractions

  • Horezu Monastery: Unesco World Heritage sight
  • Buila Vanturarita National Park
  • Horezu pottery fare
  • Muzeul Trovantilor (outdoors museum)
  • Schitul Patrunsa (one the most remote monasteries in the country, reachable only on foot on a 3h hike from Costesti)
  • The 44 Springs Church, the place where King Carol first thought to build Peles Castle
  • The cave of St Grigorie Decapolitul (rupestral Church)


Participate, together with your hosts, in seasonal works in the fields, traditions and customs:

  • Learn how to weave traditional wool carpets specific to the area
  • Get your own traditional clay pot at the Pottery Fair of nearby Horezu
  • Assist in cow, goat or sheep grooming and milking
  • Learn how to cook anything traditional
  • Create your own extra-curricular activity for kids of the village
  • Hike to the Patrunsa Monastery or to St Gregory’s Cave
  • Hike one of the 19 hiking trails in the Park (available for all levels of hiking)
  • Rock climb, the gorges provide routes from learners to the most experienced (including some of Europe’s the most difficult rock climbing)
  • Assist villagers with field works (for details of when see the calendar of activities
  • Participate in festivals, Holidays and customs, according to the calendar of activities

For current month's activities, see the calendar of activities


Mr. Onel (Ionel Ungureanu)

A primary school teacher, Mr Onel is one of our most sought after hosts, Read more

mainly due to the amazing location of his home, at the edge of the village, by the mountain and the start of most trails in the National Park. Mr Onel used to be a hunter and he really knows the mountain!

Guests at Mr. Onel's

Happy guests with Mr. Onel and his wife, by their home

Mr. Onel's plum orchard

Many many plum trees, older, younger, even yellow plums can be found and tasted here.

A bedroom

Traditional hand-woven carpet in one of the bedrooms Mr Onel sleeps his guests

Mrs. Cucu making yummy "cornulete"!

See them better in the gallery, on the bottom of the page

Mrs. Cucu's goats

Mrs Cucu's recipe book

Learn how to prepare many other delicious traditional dishes

Cucu's family kitchen

The Cucus have a few rooms especially designed for guests. A step up Read more

from the simple room in a villager's home, the clean rooms here have their own bathrooms with showers.

Lunch outside

This lunch was prepared by Nea' Costica's family

Mrs. Cucu's house

The house is really comfortable and can host groups of people as well.


Nina has raised two children Read more

by herself, does all the hard country work alone and lives alone. She will be really excited to welcome you and teach you interesting crafts!

Nina's welcoming house

Another meal in nature

Nea' Costica

His garden is a source of fresh vegetables. Read more

His home is located in one of the most idyllic parts of the village,overlooking mountains on one side and endless orchards and vines on the other. Don't miss a visit in strawberry season (beginning of June)!

Cooking "mamaliga"

Never better than cooked outdoors, on a real fire

Nea Costica's hot house

Eat everything very fresh!

Happy guests at Nea' Costica's

Hermina, Nea Costica's daughter, cooks a lot of Read more

traditional local dishes, including hot pepper jam and roasted corn cakes.

Mrs Ivan

She used to be a pottery teacher and she can teach you how to handle clay!

Mrs Ivan's home

One of the fanciest in our whole program

Mrs. Ivan's daughter


3 1/2h from Bucharest; 2h from Sibiu; 10 min from Horezu

  • Car : maps.google.com
  • Bus: choose a bus that goes to Horezu and get off by the entrance in Costesti, where your host will be waiting for you: autogari.ro
  • Train: N/A