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"A world of medieval villages, ancient monasteries, historic traditions and mesmerising beauty", is how The Travel Chanel describes this extraordinary region of Europe in Wild Carpathia.

But this world of "mesmerizing beauty", unique in Europe through its rich biodiversity and well preserved rural landscapes and traditions, is under threat. As with most developing countries, in Romania, the mainstream view of development focuses on economic growth at all costs with little consideration for local culture, heritage and the environment.

At Village Life, we believe that we don't need to cut down our forests, impoverish our biodiversity and poison our rivers to achieve wellbeing in the countryside. We have a slower, but sustainable vision of development: ecotourism, healthy agriculture and small business initiatives based on local customs and resources.

Through our community-based travel program, we've so far brought travelers from over 10 countries to a few selected rural communities in the Carpathians, benefiting around 70 families (hosts, guides or people who provided side services).

Next year, we are planning an country -wide extension of the program, turning Romania into a world-recognized community-based-travel destination.

The most direct and impactful way you can contribute to all of this is by donating or sponsoring us. We are a small organization and our activity is in great part dependent on your contribution. Here’s what to do:

Make a direct deposit our account number is RO37BTRL0410120541168101, Banca Transilvania, Magheru branch, CUI/CIF 29189243, under the name of Asociatia Village Life.

For details for any other types of contributions (donation or sponsorship contracts etc) write to us at

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