Izvoru Muresului


  • Enjoy the sunniest village in Romania (over 250 sunny days/ year)
  • Go horseback riding
  • Hike the trails of the Carpathian Mountains and discover the Sugau Cave and the springs of the two longest rivers in Romania (Mures and Olt)
  • Visit the spectacular Bicaz Lake and Bicaz Canyon
  • Taste the dense and nourishing bread cooked in the wood-burning clay ovens from the villagers’ yards.


Nearby attractions

  • Monastery
  • Bicaz Canyon
  • Bicaz Lake


Participate, together with your hosts, in seasonal works in the fields, traditions and customs:

  • Go for a horse cart or horse sleigh ride
  • Rock climb in the Bicaz Canyon
  • Join the shepherd up on the hill for a day of hard work and delicious fresh milk and cheese
  • Go horseback riding
  • Learn how to work iron by hand, like hundreds of years ago, with the village blacksmith
  • Visit the nearby monastery, with its beautiful gardens and evident symbols of the long ethnic restlessness of the area
  • Ski / snowboard down the nearby slope
  • Assist villagers with field works (for details of when see the Calendar of activities)
  • Participate in festivals, Holidays and customs, according to the Calendar of activities

For current month's activities, see the Calendar of activities


Mr. Albert Piroska

Located in a wonderful spot at the edge of the village with a green hill Read more

right behind their house, Mr Albert can offer horseback riding lessons to his guests.

Piroska family's home

Mr. Albert and his wife, a great cook, can host up to 5-6 travelers at a time in their spotless home.

Piroska family's tidy yard with all the wood prepared for winter

Dinner in Piroska family's dining room

Chindea family's traditional yard

Traditional soup served by Mrs Piroska

Inside the house, the Chindea Family

Hand woven carpets ornate Chindea family's traditional home.

Mr. and Mrs. Chindea

The Chindeas are the friendliest couple. Not to mention the dense, delicious bread that Mrs. Chindea cooks!

Old style (based on wood) cooking stove at Chindeas

The mountains view from Albert's yard


5h from Bucharest; 2- 3h from Brasov;