• Visit the remote goats and bees traditional farm, where domestic animals roam free and orchards overflow with organic fruit; with no electricity and a sky full of stars, you will feel like you traveled back to a long gone rural Europe
  • Stock up on the best acacia honey and on goat cheese
  • Explore the surrounding hills and cultural attractions (Village Museum and beautiful Monastery)
  • Try your hand at traditional pottery with the village potter


Nearby attractions

  • Village museum of Golesti
  • Aninoasa Orthodox Monastery
  • Yard of Mares Bajescu - Fortified Church; the only fortified construction dating in the XVIIth century


Participate, together with your hosts, in seasonal works in the fields, traditions and customs:

  • Travel by horse-carriage
  • Learn everything about bees, collect honey, pollen, propolis at the bee hives
  • Learn how to make cheese
  • Milk cows, herd and milk goats
  • Try your hand at traditional pottery
  • Learn how you can build a simple piece of wood furniture
  • Explore the surrounding hills, wild flower meadows, rivers and forests

For current month's activities, see the Calendar of activities


Doru Popescu: the heart of the program

Doru is our first host and volunteer. If you go to Poienitia, Read more

he is most likely the one who will pick you up at the bus station and present you to your hosts.

Doru is a wonderful guide to travelers

Having spent his whole life here, Doru knows the surrounding hills inside and out; here he shows guests edible mushrooms in the forest

The bees of the Arsene brothers

In Poienita, the Arsene brothers' goats and bees farm is the hit. Read more

It is a place where you feel time traveling is possible, with an unimaginable abundance of organic fruit hanging from trees and free for grabs.

Mr. Arsene opens bee hives without gloves.

Spot the queen, identify eggs and be in awe at the amazing and highly organized processes that take place inside the hive.

Arsene's brothers honey

Taste some of the best acacia, wildflower and Read more

many other kinds of honey out there. Unlike many beekeepers, the Arsene brothers hardly have to travel with their bees because this little corner of paradise provides everything they need, untouched and totally organic.

Mr Arsene's daughters

If you visit while they're on holidays from school they'll probably tag along

Guest in front of the Poenaru's door

Easygoing and friendly, the Poenarus have already hosted many of our travelers.

Poenaru's back yard and orchard

Snoozing at the shade of a fragrant peach tree here can be a favorite pastime


Around 2h from Bucharest, 2h from Brasov

  • Car: alternate route from Bucharest to Brasov before the spectacular Rucar-Bran valley (directions on google maps)
  • Bus: buses from Brasov or Bucharest; choose a bus through Campulung Muscel and get off at Stalpeni, where your host will be waiting for you (autogari.ro)
  • Train: N/A