Sinca Noua


  • Find tracks of wolf, lynx, wild boar or red deer in the beautiful surroundings
  • Try to spot a bear at the local bear observatory
  • Experience traditional singing and dancing at local events/ celebrations
  • Try your hand at the weaving loom
  • Go horseback riding at Equus Silvania


Nearby attractions

  • 400 year old wooden church
  • Gang cave
  • Bear observatory


Participate, together with your hosts, in seasonal works in the fields, traditions and customs:

  • Explore a 400 year old wooden church
  • See the ruins of an ancient forest monastery and visit the peaceful new retreat where orthodox monks carry on the contemplative tradition
  • Meet a weaver of intricate traditional costumes
  • Visit a 300 year old farmhouse
  • Participate in family life and learn about subsistence farming
  • Assist villagers with field works (for details of when see the Calendar of activities)
  • Participate in festivals, holidays and customs, according to the Calendar of activities

For current month's activities, see the Calendar of activities


Mr. Ittu

Eugen and Elena Ittu are a lovely couple. And Mrs. Elena's cooking is really wonderful!

Ittu's lovely sheep

Like everything in their care, the Ittu's yard and animals are carefully tended.

Ittu family's house

Spotless and welcoming, it will make you feel like visiting relatives.

Pumpkins inviting you to pick them up!

This can be a unique experience for those who love pumpkin pie.

Mrs. Serb

Serb family are a bundle of joy. Mrs. Serb can show you how she weaves colorful traditional textiles in the weaving-loom.

Through the village...


3h from Bucharest; 1h from Brasov;