Villages & Activities


Field Study in Southern Romania

A CEE grant gave us the opportunity to travel to villages of Southern Romania and look for the most appropriate communities to host our travelers in search of authentic experiences in unspoiled rural environments. With the help of PACT Foundation we selected an initial number of 20 villages with a high natural and cultural potential. Our field visits enabled us to meet the people of these rural communities, present our program, answer to their questions and, in the end, choose a number of 5 villages and 10 families ready and willing to integrate our target travelers in their daily lives.

Market research on community-based travel to the Romanian village

Engaged in NESsT competition and looking into the opportunity of turning Village Life’s tourism program into a social enterprise we conducted the first market research on the potential of community-based travel in rural Romania. We now know who are the potential travelers interested in the kind of experience we are offering and what are their expectations as well as what is the size of this new market and who are its most important players.