Villages & Activities

The Romanian Village

We facilitate the most authentic experience a visitor can have of the Romanian countryside. This means you stay with villagers and share, for a while, their livelihoods, as guests.

For individuals:

For organizations:

  • Alternative team-building events (different, challenging and fun!)
  • Events that focus on customs, traditions and field works
  • Field trips for university students studying anthropology, ethnology and related subjects
  • If you organize any trips/ events with a focus on the Romanian village and you think a hands-on experience could bring an extra value to your service,contact us, we are open to designing customized experiences.

What to expect

  • warm people and warm welcome
  • clean, but basic accommodation (homesteads)
  • fresh seasonal food, usually local and organic
  • a flexible schedule, with activities that you largely decided upon in advance with Village Life

What not to expect

  • clear itineraries; you should stay open to changes in plans, to accommodate your hosts' livelihoods
  • hotel or B&B - style customer care and conditions; Please keep in mind that this is a rural development program and most of our hosts are simple people, naturally hospitable but without any experience in the hospitality industry
  • your hosts won't know, for the most part, English; don't worry though, this has never been a real problem

The happy visitor's profile

  • interested in and open to new cultures, customs and traditions
  • flexible and a little adventurous
  • unpretentious and experiential
  • friendly and respectful to people and nature